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Machining Centres

According to Oxford Dictionary, the machining center is a machine tool which (originally under numerical control and now under computer-numerical-control) is capable of performing automatically any or all of the functions of storing, selecting, and changing the various cutting tools required at different stages of a manufacturing process.

Based on our core value of customer demand-oriented to realize social values, Vision Wide Tech always engaged in using cutting edge technologies to develop most satisfied solutions for clients. After years of effort, we have sucessfully developed the folowing CNC machining centers:

5-face Double Coulmn Machining Center

Bridge Moving Portal Type Machine Center

Vertical Machining Center

Gantry Type Machining Center

5-axis Machining Center

5-axis Universal Machining Center

5-axis Composite Material Machining Center

Bridge-type Milling Machine

If you are looking for high efficient, high accuracy and durable machining centers, you can count on Vision Wide Tech. Any suggestion, question or commentary regarding CNC machining, please don't hesitate to submit them to our Customer Service Center.