As a world leading double column machines manufacturer and supplier, Vision Wide Tech launches a series of high precise bridge type milling machines for machining delicate mold and aluminum alloy. All of our bridge milling machinery provides a full range of high efficiency cutting performance through its rigidity structure design and excellent geometric accuracy.

MS-series Portal Milling Machine

MS Series

X axis: 2,100 ~ 4,100 mm
Y axis: 1,200 ~ 2000 mm
Cutting feed rate: 1-10,000 mm/ min

MSE Series High Efficiency Bridge-type Milling Machine

MSE Series

X axis: 1,600 ~ 2,600 mm
Y axis: 1,200 mm
Cutting feed rate: 1-20,000 mm/ min

MN Series Bridge-type Milling Machine

MN Series

X axis: 2,200 ~ 10,200 mm
Y axis: 2,300 ~ 3,300 mm
Cutting feed rate: 1-7,000 mm/ min

MHN Series High Precision Bridge-type Milling Machine

MHN Series

X axis: 4,200 ~ 10,200 mm
Y axis: 3,500 ~ 4,700 mm
Cutting feed rate: 1-7,000 mm/ min

MB Series High Accuracy Bridge Milling Machine

MB Series

X axis: 2,000 ~ 4,100 mm
Y axis: 1,600 ~ 2,000 mm
Cutting feed rate: 1-7,000 mm/ min

MF Series Heavy Cutting Bridge Milling Machine

MF Series

X axis: 2,200 ~ 5,200 mm
Y axis: 2,300 ~ 2,600 mm
Cutting feed rate: 1-7,000 mm/ min

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