SE Series

Double Column Machining SE series
  • SE series, a 3-axis portal type CNC High-Speed milling machine center released in 2017, and it was designed particularly for mold processing, aluminum alloy machining, and mass removal machining.

    SE high-speed machining center had a 50% improvement in productivity to the excellent mechanism and structural performance.

    • Spindle speed reaches 24,000 rpm
    • 20 m/min of feed rate
    • Precise contour accuracy
    • Delicate surface roughness
    • Positioning accuracy P 0.007mm
    • Repeatability Ps 0.003 mm
    • Aluminum alloy chips removal rate 5,000 cc/ min
  • Model Unit SE-1612 SE-2112 SE-2612 SE-1618 SE-2118 SE-2618 SE-3118
    X axis travel mm 1,600 2,100 2,600 1,600 2,100 2,600 3,100
    Y axis travel mm 1,200 1,800
    Z axis travel mm 800/1,000(Opt.) 800/1,000 (Opt.)
    Table dimension mm 1,800x1,100 2,000x1,000 2,800x1,100 1,800x1,600 2,300x1,600 2,800x1,600 3,300x1,600
    Max. table load  kg 8,000 10,000 12,000 8,000 10,000 12,000 14,000
    Spindle motor power (cont./30 min rated)  kW 15/ 18.5 15/ 18.5
    Spindle speed rpm 15,000 15,000
    Cutting federate mm/min 1-24,000 1-24,000
    Rapid traverse(X/Y/Z)  m/min 24/30 (Opt.) 24/30 (Opt.)
    ATC capacity Vertical type tool change pcs 24 (20/32/40 Opt.) 24 (20/32/40 Opt.)

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  • Standard Accessory & Function
    1. Fanuc 0iMF PLUS controller
    2. Direct driven spindle 15,000 rpm (BBT-40)
    3. Z travel 800 mm
    4. Spindle cooling system
    5. 24 Tools magazine with arm type ATC
    6. Centralized auto lubrication system
    7. Independent lubrication oil collector for 3 axes
    8. Air blast through spindle
    9. Wash gun and pneumatic interface
    10. Cutting fluid cooling system
    11. Enclosed sheet metal guard with roof
    12. Chip clean flushing device on table side grooves
    13. Caterpillar type chip conveyor / Water tank
    14. Heat exchanger for electrical cabinet
    15. Swiveling arm type operation panel
    16. Working lamp
    17. Operation cycle finish and alarm light
    18. Movable manual pulse generator
    19. RJ45 interface
    20. Footswitch for tool clamping
    21. XYZ axis linear scale feedback
    22. Auto power off function
    23. Spindle cutting load software protection
    24. XYZ-axis travel hard limits protection
    25. Foundation pads and bolts kits
    26. Adjustment tool and tool kits
    27. Z-axis retract function at power failure
    28. Thermal compensation system of spindle
    29. Technical manuals (operation, maintenance manual and circuit diagram)
    Optional Accessory & Function
    1. FANUC 31iB Controller ; HEIDENHAIN TNC 620/640 Controller
    2. Built-in spindle20,000/ 24000 rpm(HSK-A63);
      10,000/12,000 rpm(50#, HSK-A100)
    3. Direct driven spindle 10,000/12,000 rpm (50#, HSK-A100)
    4. Rapid traverse (X/Y/Z) 30 m/min
    5. Z axis travel 1,000 mm
    6. Column higher 200 mm
    7. Spindle ring cutting coolant device (Built-in spindle excluded)
    8. Coolant through spindle system 20/70 bar(Vertical spindle)
    9. Reserved interface for coolant through spindle system
    10. Oil skimmer
    11. Oil mist cooling device
    12. Oil mist recycle device
    13. 20 tools magazine carousel type; 32/40 tools magazine arm type ATC
    14. Enclosed sheet metal guard without roof
    15. Chip clean flushing device on table side grooves
    16. Helical bladed screw conveyor on table sides
    17. Chip cart
    18. Air conditioner for electrical cabinet
    19. Transformer
    20. Interface reserved for fourth axis
    21. Auto tool length measurement
    22. Auto workpiece coordinate measurement
    23. Spindle load hardware protection
    24. XYZ axis HEIDENHAIN linear scale
    25. CE Regulation
  • SE Series

    SE-Aero Aluminum Frame

    SE-Aluminum Aeropart

    SE-FSW-Friction Stir Welding

    SE-6000 cc Aluminum Cutting

    SE-Aluminum High Speed Machining

    SE-Molde Base High Feedrate Machining

    SE-Headlight Cavity Finishing(Long tool cutting)

    SE-Car Headlight Mold

    SE-S45C Heavy Cutting

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