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Double column machining center High performance 5-axis machining center FA series
    • 20,000rpm built-in spindle
    • 2-axis carried by KESSLER in Germany, Max. rigidity and Min. exterior dimensions designed to ensure the processing flexibility, reduce interface with the workpiece.
    • A, C-axis drive mechanism is used D.D permanent magnet motor design, without the traditional mechanical transmission and backlash caused by worm gear, A-axis positioning accuracy up to +/-5 SEC, C-axis positioning accuracy up to +/-3 SEC.
    • Spindle head is balanced by two self-aligned hydraulic cylinders, spindle locates at the center of the two counter balancing cylinders, Z driving ball screw and spindle head, such optimal design to reduce the unbalance force to minimum and to ensure accurate positioning for years.
    • 3-way bed (X-axis) design is composed of 3 roller type linear ways. This design enlarges the table dimension to improve the loading capability, to keep high dynamic level accuracy, and to provide the best feeding rigidity.
    • Guide ways are designed with optimal span to carry the table, box-shape bed with strong V-shape enforced ribs allows heavy work piece load.
    • One piece casting with square shape headstock leads spindle to be close to the Y Guide way reduces the unbalanced force to minimum, provide better heavy cutting ability.
    • The best center-line layout of spindle system, spindle is close to the Z guide way, reduce the unbalanced cutting moment and offset of thermal expansion to minimum.
    • Y-axis ball screw is driven through gear ratio 2:1 timing belt, and X-axis ball screw is driven by gear to ensure torque transmitted, and spindle of Z-axis is driven directly (for box way) to create higher acceleration/deceleration rate of the feeding system.
    • Self-alignment twin hydraulic counter balance cylinders with quick response air accumulator design provides smooth and fast acceleration/deceleration of the Z axis movement.
  • MODEL UNIT FA-3127 FA-4127 FA-3233 FA-4233 FA-5233 FA-6233 FA-8233
    X axis mm 3,100 4,100 3,200 4,200 5,200 6,200 8,200
    Y axis mm 2,700 3,300
    Z axis mm 1,000/1,200(opt.) 1,000/1,200(opt.)
    Table dimension mm 3,000×
    Max. table load kg 10,000 12,000 13,000 16,000 20,000 22,000 24,000
    Spindle motor
    30 minutes rated)
    kW 57/75 (34/43opt.) 57/75 (34/43opt.)
    Spindle speed rpm 12,000 / 20,000(opt.) 12,000 / 20,000(opt.)
    Spindle taper   HSK-A100 /HSK-A63(opt.) HSK-A100 /HSK-A63(opt.)
    Cutting feedrate mm/min 1-10,000 1-10,000
    Rapid traverse m/min X:24/18 Y:18 Z:15 X:24 Y:15 Z:15 X:18 Y:15 Z:15 X:12.5 Y:15 Z:15 X:10 Y:15 Z:15 X:8 Y:15 Z:15
    Tool storage capacity pcs 24/32(opt.)/40(opt.) 24/32(opt.)/40(opt.)
    Machine net weight kg 31,500 34,500 48,000 54,000 60,000 66,000 78,000
    Machine gross weight kg 35,500 38,500 51,000 58,000 65,000 72,000 86,000

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