Vision Wide’s core value is based on customer demand-oriented to realize social values. Through the manufacture of products, we continue thinking how to provide customers with more valuable products and services. So we define customer satisfaction, value contribution and social responsibility as our direction. In 2017, we released new trademark and brand “Vision Wide" which represents values of Solution, Satisfaction, and Smile, and our pursuits of deploying world widely with broaden perspective.


Advanced manufacturing solution provider
We focus on cutting and advanced manufacturing supporting solutions. Therefore, we launched a series of high efficiency machining centers. In addition to the solutions in the automotive, transportation, railways, aerospace, industrial equipment, process equipment and construction, we gradually achieve more efficient, high-speed and high feed processing to maximize customer productivity. Vision Wide has developed much more efficient cutting application in molds and dies, aerial parts, and composite materials, and is expected to provide a factory automation solution in 2018.


Partner Satisfaction
To be customers’ preferred choice needs fully supports from our partners, including distribution system, supply chain, shareholders and all members of Vision Wide and their family. We continue to pursue cooperation and to develop together. Vision Wide always strives to satisfy all clients demands through constantly innovation, developing and creating advanced technological machining centers.


Social Value
Vision Wide dedicates to society via implementation of regional services, providing education, training, cooperation and development platform for the community. We also work with local universities in mentorship, internship, collaborating research projects, advanced education and employment to nurture talented people for society.